"So... you blog about... er... cupcakes?"

Well sometimes. I used to in the beginning but less so now. I've agonised about changing the blog name but a) too many people know me so it would be confusing if I called myself something different and b) I like it.

I began writing Maison Cupcake in July 2009 initially to record pictures of cupcakes I had baked for a street party but then continued writing blog posts about baking.  I have no culinary training and hadn't cooked more than the occasional Nigella recipe since GCSE Home Economics 20 years earlier. I just about know the basics about photography and although I've always loved writing, I've never had an outlet for it before.

Influenced by American baking blogs and spurred on by foodie contacts I'd made on Twitter, I upped my game with my food photos and started blogging seriously in October 2009. I now publish an expanded range of material way beyond cupcakes including all types of baking, party food, travelogues, shopping, hotel and restaurant reviews.

At late July 2010, Maison Cupcake has a growing following of around 300 blog subscribers, over 1100 Twitter followers, attracts 6-7000 page views and over 4500 unique visitors per month.  Maison Cupcake has been listed in the UK's Wikio Gastronomy Top 30 on four occasions between January and June 2010.

I wish I could tell you I had some dazzling city or media career behind me but my former life was a long, uncreative stretch in the trade union movement. Today I am full time mother to both my 3 year old son and this blog!

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